Promoting European Integration

  • We conduct trainings and competitions for media, non-profit organizations, students. In 2018-2020 we have conducted trainings for over 300 representatives of non-profit organizations. In order to encourage greater involvement of the civic sector in monitoring of EU-Georgia Association Agreement, we have provided up to 30 grants and established an effective network of active organizations.

  • In order to promote Georgia’s European integration, we have created an educational website The webpage contains: 1. short video animations which allows you to quickly understand what Europe is and what its values ​​are, what the Association Agreement means and which benefits it can bring to the country and to each of its citizens; 2. quizzes to test your knowledge of the topics about Europe and the EU-Georgia Association Agreement; 3. Publications on the results of monitoring of the implementation of EU-Georgia Association Agreement; 4. Graphical scheme of implementation of the EU Association Agreement in various fields, as well as legislative acts, agreements and other information.

  • We run various types of educational campaigns targeting schools, media and NGOs. As part of the campaign, we have prepared an economics support textbook for seniors, the textbook has already been used by more than 1000 students.

The aim of the program is to assist regional NGOs in monitoring and advocating for the implementation of the Association Agreement.

We started the European Integration Program in 2015. Initially, in 2015-2016, we focused on several areas of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement and EU and the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (ensuring healthy competition, product safety, food safety, intellectual property protection, consumer protection), and since 2017 we covered all the areas of these agreements.