Promoting European Integration


The aim of the program is to support regional NGOs in monitoring and advocacy of implementation of Association Agreement.

In 2015, we launched a program to support European integration. At first we focused on the EU Association Agreement and several directions of Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area – DCFTA (ensuring healthy competition, safety of products and food safety, protection of intellectual property, protection of consumers’ rights); however, since 2017, the program covered virtually all areas of these agreements.

How we start?!

How We Work?!

We conducted several large-scale competitions for media, civil society organizations and high school students with the main aim to inform the population of regions of Georgia about the EU Association Agreement and its impact on Georgian consumers.
In order to share an experience, we created the web portal dedicated to the monitoring of the EU Association Agreement –, which will be expanded and activated further in 2018. Web portal will provide access to educational resources, as well as to the CSO insights and conclusions concerning the implementation of the EU Association Agreement. We think that this activity will greatly contribute to the European integration of Georgia.
In 2018-2020 we will continue education of CSOs on different aspects of the EU Association Agreement. More than 300 representatives of CSOs will be trained; in addition, online educational resources, including videos and animations will be available. We plan to encourage the higher involvement of CSOs in monitoring and advocacy of Association Agreement implementation process; for this purpose we will award up to 30 grants and form the network of active organizations to promote their effective cooperation.