Effective Presentation Skills

Training aims to introduce the full project management cycle to participants and therefore enable them to successfully plan, organize and implement Tmpgenc Authoring Works 6 Rar various projects in their respective organizations. During the training participants will analyze the stages of project management and practice relevant project management skills.

  • Number of participants per training: 10-15 people
  • Duration of the training: 3 days

Training program will cover the following main topics:

  • What is the project and project management?
  • Skills necessary for project manager; project manager’s role and functions;
  • Project stakeholders;
  • Organizational context of project management;
  • Project phases and lifecycle;
  • Developing the project action plan;
  • Human Adobe Photoshop Kuyhaa resources management;
  • Communication management within the project;
  • Time management within the project;
  • Value management in projects;
  • Quality management in projects;
  • Risk management in projects.