Consumer Rights Protection


We aim to ensure that consumer rights are being protected by relevant government agencies at both legislative and institutional levels.

Since 2009, we started to work on consumer rights protection; already in few years we’ve been established as one of the leading civil society organizations in the field.

Our initial market monitoring was focused on inspection of food products; at present, we also monitor other consumer goods, as far as possible.

How we start?!

How We Work?!

In order to share the information and experience, in 2011 we have launched the interactive web portal, where interested visitors can find the useful information on consumer rights and facts of their violation, as well as share their own information and experience related to such facts.

In response to the consumers’ requests and / or on our own initiative, we conduct a laboratory analysis of products of questionable quality that are sold by various markets and outlets. All identified violations are instantly reported through our web portal and Facebook page; we also contact the National Food Agency and those producers who have been found to have violations.

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