Community Development


An important component within this direction focuses on civil society development through creation and capacity building of local leaders’ initiative groups, which in its turn, is an effective way to reveal and realize local potential and solve urgent community issues.

Since 1998, in frames of the Community Development Program, we have been working on the formation and strengthening of civil institutions in the regions.

Until 2006, the program was mostly focused on the formation and strengthening of youth community groups; however, since 2013 we are actively working to increase the participation of women in the community development and to strengthen their leadership capacity by means of technical, information and financial support. Recently, the program was enriched with environmental component, which aims to set up and develop Eco-Clubs, as well as raise the environmental awareness in target communities.

How we start?!

How We Work?!

ISince 2011, based on its long-term experience and knowledge, organization has launched a resource center that provides multifaceted informational and technical support to the community groups and organizations operating in Georgia. In addition, we have created a web portal, which serves as a continuously updated source of information on the community development.

In this direction we mainly work with municipalities, local businesses and up to 30 community groups in Kakheti, Samegrelo and Guria regions. In 2013-2017, we held up to 80 major events (trainings, seminars, study tours) and announced several closed and open grant competitions resulting in 75 community projects implemented with our financial support.
On the initiative of community initiative groups and in cooperation with local self-government, up to 500 local problems of various scale and complexity were solved.

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